Two lakeside pearls in the Villa Bianca in Brissago

  • The Villa Bianca, which was planned by the famous Ticino architect Aurelio Galfetti, has been built on the site of the former Grand Hotel Brissago. The luxury hotel was famous for its terraces and the romantic park that hugged the banks of the lake for 200 m.

    You can still enjoy a gorgeous panoramic view of Lake Maggiore and the nearby Brissago islands, from Ascona with the Alpine panorama in the background far into northern Italy, from the maisonette garden terrace.

  • You can reach the garden area with a spacious swimming pool directly via private outdoor steps or the in-house lift. The private marina with landing stages is right next door. The infrastructure also includes a large fitness room as well as a separate wellness oasis with sauna, steam bath etc.

    The entrance area on the northern side is characterised by an elegant steel and glass fa├žade. The two pleasant and bright parking levels are accessed via a modern, very spacious car lift with glass front on the side facing the lake. A large private parking box with automatic garage door is provided for every parking space.

Outbuilding and own private harbor at Villa Bianca

  • The infrastructure of the Villa Bianca and property of all house-owner owns the distributors on an adjacent parcel of land, newly built three-level service building with a market value of around CHF 3.0 million.

  • The Villa Bianca also also has its own private harbor with individually sold Boat webs and two, all the owners of Villa Bianca belonging Boat moorings for visitors.