Designer home with private marina docking space and RIVA boat...

  • located with a gorgeous view in Villa Bianca directly on Lake Maggiore in Brissago in the south of Switzerland.

    The current owners had their apartment fitted out as a summer residence for passionate boat owners by the world-famous interior architect Carlo Rampazzi. The original family home was made for the needs of a married couple without children or guests as a residence 

  • with a very special, very spacious room design, very expensive materials and valuable inventory such that the new owner can immediately move into and live in this residence. Except for a few pictures and decorative objects, the purchase price includes the residence with its luxurious, panoramic terrace, including fitouts and inventory, as shown in the photos.

RIVA Super Aquarama boat, built in 1969

  • The R I V A Super Aquarama boat from the coveted vintage year 1969, which is included in the purchase price, has been extensively restored by Schweizer Bootswerft and P O R O L I, the R I V A general agency, adapting it to the latest state of the art. The boat has only run on freshwater lakes and never in salty sea water.

  • The R I V A Super Aquarama boat meets all the legal standards of the Swiss waterway transport authorities and is registered on Lake Maggiore under license TI 330.

Dependance and private marina for Villa Bianca

  • Dependance
    In addition to a big fitness room with exercise equipment and a separate sauna and steam bath, Villa Bianca’s infrastructure also includes Dependance, a newly constructed service building located on an adjacent parcel of land with a market value of CHF 3.0m and co-owned by all the owners.

    The middle floor contains the fully outfitted 4½-room apartment for the caretaker couple and an additional 2-room apartment (rented).

  • The ground floor and the top floor are used for business purposes on a rental basis by owners of Villa Bianca.

    Private boat berth
    The 3½-room condominium home also includes a private boat berth (see arrow) in Villa Bianca’s private marina as well as two guest boat docking spaces, which belong to all the owners of Villa Bianca. All the owners of Villa Bianca have the right of access to the private marina.